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December 30, 2009

Happy New Ear!

December 16, 2009


If anyone asked her, she would have cried,
“But I don’t want to go outside!”
They’d tell her about sunshine and summer air;
She really didn’t seem to care.

December 14, 2009


A poe-m by Poe.

December 14, 2009

The vampire strikes back

I don’t think I’m going to watch Twilight part III.

December 9, 2009


Kitty, in an oft-repeated bid for attention, gets stuck in the tree again.

December 3, 2009


The adorable sea turtle in my blog header is Thomas, who’s a character I drew for Trish Sugarek’s upcoming book “The Exciting Exploits of an Effervescent Elf”. He speaks in nautical expressions.