Ameliorating Stuff.

In response to a wicked little daily drawing assignment on
which goes like this:

Take your favourite work of art/cinematic moment and re-imagine it with watermelons. Not just random bystander watermelons! Recast Rembrandt’s Anatomy Lesson as a
watermelon dissection, imagine the Nameless Cowboy riding away into the
watermelon-set and so and so forth, then draw it.
Medium: Use pencils, ball point pens, felt pens or charcoal. Monochrome or line drawings only.


5 Comments to “Ameliorating Stuff.”

  1. It’s a surprise that I landed into your blog from someone else’s blog’s ‘Must-watch blogs’ list!! Nice illustrations….!

    • @prachi: it was! you could try it too. join up at the ning site… i put up an assignment everyday.
      @shalini: thanks! who’s got me on a must-watch-blogs list? am curious!

  2. I like the jun-O idea 🙂

  3. Hi,
    how can i search for you in ning ?

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