Thick Cups of Coffeh!

Here’s my sketchy sketch distilled from gazillions of coffee drinker smoker thinker portraits – featured in the Graphic Bangalore special of Time Out Bengaluru. 🙂


4 Comments to “Thick Cups of Coffeh!”

  1. how come i didn’t see this? i saw the one on the facing page that george, smi and u did. strange, let me go chk it now

  2. Hey, first time visitor to your blog (I got here via this:, I’m a Regina fangirl and thought it was a great portrayal of her) and I just wanted to say I really love your artwork. It’s inspiring me to draw too, which is great because I’ve not felt too inspired lately!

    Uh…what am I trying to say? Thank you and thumbs up, I guess! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your blog!

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