Fish Kitty and Friends.

She nosed through the backyard, walking daintily on the surface – paw following paw without so much as a backward glance. Watching shapes forms thoughts appear and vanish vaguely in the murky depths. To reach out and catch one of them would be too much of a task, especially when it meant cutting through surface tension and wetting one’s limb in dark coffee. Tantalising they were, though – and she stared eagerly into the distance, wondering if the clutch of fresh buildings across the horizon meant more fish for a hungry kitty – or simply more stones and streetcars? I’ll go ask Alice, I think she’ll know.






Prabha Mallya’s posters (on Haruki Murakami, Coffee and Cigarettes, Lost in Translation and Alice in Wonderland) for Counterculture by Pencil Sauce.


One Comment to “Fish Kitty and Friends.”

  1. LOVED the murakami!

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