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December 13, 2012

Ralfie Goes A-Fetchin’.

This is a Multiverse story that continued from the November issue (as the spacepuppy pinup) to the December issue (as a two-page interpretation of the Great Big Apocalypse) of Brainwave magazine.




December 5, 2012

Next Change.

This Small Picture story originated from a peculiar mix of a certain Pink Floyd song (gah! the whole movie), a strong opinion about Ujala and Robin Blue, bemused tales from friends regarding mass PT, and my Dad who reminded me that things aren’t so bad after all, really.

mass drill_outlineText

The Small Picture is best viewed in the newspaper edition of Mint, where it first appears every Wednesday. This piece was published on 05 December 2012. 


December 1, 2012

Nine Lives.

Nine Lives‘ first life was a neat little 140-word story by Nilanjana Roy for Bombay Mid Day. Now, it has pictures. Like so.