Next Change.

This Small Picture story originated from a peculiar mix of a certain Pink Floyd song (gah! the whole movie), a strong opinion about Ujala and Robin Blue, bemused tales from friends regarding mass PT, and my Dad who reminded me that things aren’t so bad after all, really.

mass drill_outlineText

The Small Picture is best viewed in the newspaper edition of Mint, where it first appears every Wednesday. This piece was published on 05 December 2012. 



9 Comments to “Next Change.”

  1. This is a great strip. My class has been studying India for the past month – I’ll be sure to share it with them!

  2. Awesome! I wonder if some of the characters are inspired from real life! 🙂

  3. He He 🙂 i remember how we hated mass PT! I wonder if the routine is still practised in school these days.

  4. my turn to faint! – so true for PT

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