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March 13, 2013

The Dog has its Day.

Current Conservation magazine’s Vol 5, Issue 2 is finally out, with my barking pie dog cover!


These featured article illustrations are about the negative impact of the domestic dog population upon wildlife – dogs seem to prey upon, stress out, pass on illnesses to, and compete for resources with those already perplexed and not-so-populous wild animal species in the same territory.



This infographic shows domestic dogs and their impacts on ecology beyond their typical roles within and around human settlements.


March 8, 2013

Spring Day Kittehs.

Some say cat memes are a ditzy attempt to understand the process of evolution in those wondrous cat beings. It could be that people have evolved. The tools used to document the days and ways of them kittehs have only increased in complexity from bits of rocks to oil paints to film cameras to photoshop. More and more people are learning to read and write just so they can absorb and produce cat memes. Through all of this, cats have appeared to stay exactly the same – after all they do have nine lives and a ridiculously high level of self-satisfaction.

The Small Picture is best viewed in the newspaper edition of Mint, where it first appears every Wednesday. This piece was published on 6 March 2013.