The Secret Sanctuary.

Cover and inside illustrations for The Secret Sanctuary, written by Stephen Alter (with Puffin, 2015) – a quirky, delightfully geeky book with creatures of all sizes (complete with scientific names), and where to possibly find them in real life. Perhaps the wistful lost naturalist of Flag Hill may be found there as well.







4 Comments to “The Secret Sanctuary.”

  1. Loved the book. Loved your illustrations. Loved your illustrations in The Wildings and Oddbird too. Great stuff. Reviewed this book on my blog too, though unfairly seem to have missed out on mentioning your illustrations. 🙂

    • Hey Irfan, that’s a great review! You’re right, Alter’s philosophy comes through in a gentle sort of way without high drama or forceful messages. Thanks for sending it. And thanks too, for your kind words.

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