The Small Picture

The Small Picture was a full-page comic column in the print newspaper edition of Mint, where it appeared every Wednesday. 


The story is inspired by news of a leopard on the run in Meerut, and really, about every wild animal that finds its way into an area populated with people and the spectacle it causes. Sometimes people get hurt, or, it doesn’t end well for the animal. In this story, an unruly mob of the curious and the excited corner the leaopard in a building. What one or a few of these people see, hear or think can be translated to action by the huge number of people gathered, even though some may not even know what’s going on. The idea of the ‘unruly mob’ may extend even as far out as people viewing this on the news, and even their action (or inaction) may on some level make all the difference between life or death for this leopard, and other wild animals who cross paths with people.



3 January 2014: CHANGES

On impending oilsmoke and treestumps likely to happen all over the country in the name of development.



8 November 2013: DIRAC SEA

First, there was a lot of Bad News and also, lots of Great Revolutionary Things. The Great Revolutionary Things gave a great lot of hope and inspiration, despite all the Bad News. Over the years, the number of individual pieces of Bad News and Great Good Important Advances just Grew and Grew and GREW. Soon, the man in front of the TV was being inundated by Too Much of Everything and took to escaping to the Modern Fairytales of Famous People and Cats. More people like him chose the Fairytales over everything else and contributed to Numbers and Ratings about What People Really Wanted. This is considered a prime example of Natural Selection and has led to the development of a new world religion called Darwinism.



23 August 2013: TIME CAPSULE

There was The Past which was always a lot Nicer than The Present. And one decided to pass on the choicest, meatiest, fuzziest bits of The Past into sweet little hand-crafted Time Capsules to The Future Self. A true Present, yes?




There was a grand opportunity of Sharing and Caring and Giving and Receiving in the true spirit of What’s Mine is Ours. A few dogs and cats would trade places. Human Beings would look on with a misty tear in every eye, thinking of the Great Good Future and how much Intelligent Brilliance and Loving Caring the Human Race is capable of, giving hope to millions the world over. The project is currently in storage in the basement of a man named Schrödinger, while we wait for exactly the right time to Make It All Happen.



6 March 2013: CATS IN THE CRADLE

Memeboy, memeboy.



5 December 2012: NEXT CHANGE

This story originated from a peculiar mix of a certain Pink Floyd movie, a strong opinion about Ujala and Robin Blue, bemused tales from friends regarding mass PT, and my Dad who reminded me that things aren’t so bad after all, really.

mass drill_outlineText


24 Oct 2012: CAKE AND APATHY

Do you care about what’s happening in the world around you? Um, yes. Really? ‘cos you don’t seem to. Like I said, it’s okay not to care (hmpf). I do care! But I have other things on my plate right now. Let me just finish this project, and I’ll have time to read the news again. Yeah? you said exactly that, what — two years ago? I— I’ve been busy. Too busy to care? ……


26 September 2012: WAITING FOR WAL*MART


29 August 2012: RED ROCK RAMBLE


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